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Who we are

Erhardt Mediterráneo, S.L. is a leading company in maritime, port and logistics services in the Southeast of Spain.

The company was established at the end of 1994 as a jointly Investee Company by two important groups of the maritime sector, Erhardt and Marmedsa Noatum Maritime.

Terminal Marítima de Cartagena, S.L., a subsidiary of Erhardt Mediterráneo, S.L., is, at the same time, leader in loading/unloading services and storage of general cargo, bulks and containers in the port of Cartagena (Murcia).

Erhardt Mediterráneo, S.L. has a team of dynamic and young collaborators, with great preparation and professionalism and its business idea consists in offering transport solutions or competitive and high quality logistics to meet the needs of companies from all kind of industries and sectors.


Port Services

The maritime service division of Erhardt Mediterráneo is oriented to give an excellent answer to the needs of all its customers of regular lines and tramp agencies, from allocations of ships to commercial representation, including specialized transport solutions, projects loading, chartering, customs, etc.

Maritime Services

The port services division of Erhardt Mediterráneo has its own port facilities in the Port of Cartagena configured to meet the logistics needs of its hinterland.We offer a highly qualified management supported by the most advanced technological means and a wide experience in the operation of container and general goods ships. We also offer auxiliary services very specialized related to storage and distribution services for all kinds of goods.

Logistics Services

The logistics services division of Erhardt Mediterráneo works as a comprehensive logistics operator providing specific and added value solutions to the supply chain of all its customers, being a specialist in the international transport and logistics.

Mission, Vision, Values


Providing comprehensive high quality and competitive logistics services to exporters and importers who perform their business operations to/from the Southeast of Spain, thus contributing to the economic development of the Spanish Levant and Eastern Andalusia.

Our Customer Needs

Meeting the needs of our customers through sustainable, effective, competitive and innovative services, and meeting their expectations regarding safety, quality, competitiveness, proximity, technology, financial stability and corporate social responsibility, thus becoming a strategic partner for our customers.


Generating a profitable and dynamic growth in the long term, by creating the highest value for our customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.


Being the leading company in logistics, port and maritime services in the Southeast of Spain.


In all the areas of each service we provide.


Continuing innovation of our services and work methods to benefit our customers.


Effective and on-going, amongst all the members taking part in the company, as well as with our customers and suppliers.


In the fact that we will perform our job in the best possible way, in order to meet the needs of each of our customers.


With our customers, with the society, and with our employees.


In the performance of our relationships with our customers, suppliers and managers.


In the development and provision of our services.

Erhardt Mediterráneo in figures


385m of berth for container ships and 405m of berth for general goods ships


30 collaborators on staff


800.000 Mt of goods in containers manipulated every year in our terminal


40.000m2 of surface for storage ADT and LAME in the Port of Cartagena


6.000m2 of surface for ADT and LAME warehouses


Certified scale for VGM


300 containers of capacity


2 electrical harbour cranes for general goods


3 STS electrical harbour cranes for containers (SuperPostPanamax and PostPanamax)


3 Reach Stacker machines and 1 Container Stacker machine


5 machines of lesser tonnage for container and general goods manipulation


350 ships consigned every year

Plaza del Rey, 8
30201 Cartagena-Murcia (Spain)
Telephone: +34 968 122 100
Fax: +34 968 122 913
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